Top Chiropractor In Stockbridge GA Helps Scoliosis Sufferers

It is unknown what causes scoliosis. The spinal curvature may range from being mild and nearly unnoticeable to being severe enough to reduce the space in the chest that the lungs occupy. This results in the lungs functioning in a limited way. Children with mild cases are monitored closely. As a prominent Stockbridge Georgia chiropractor reports, the symptoms will vary in type and severity from one child to another.

Indications include uneven shoulders, an uneven waist and one hip being higher than the other. If the curvature is extreme, the ribs will be more prominent on one side of a childs body. A parent may be unaware that the child has this abnormality because there will be no pain. Therefore, neither the child or parent will be alerted that a disorder exists in most cases.

The most common cases have no known cause. It seems to run in families and for that reason is suspected of having a genetic component. There are also uncommon types that have an identifiable cause. Some of these neuromuscular cases are due to cerebral palsy or muscular dystrophy. Others are attributable to a birth defect, an infection or an injury.

Onset occurs right before puberty in most common cases. Girls are more likely to develop serious complications. They also have a higher incidence of an abnormality. The mildest cases must be monitored regularly, but require no other care.

Chiropractors perform the Adams Test as a screening tool. The child is asked to touch his or her toes. The ribs are observed. If those on one side are higher, scoliosis is indicated. The extent of the curvature may be classified as mild, moderate or severe.

Advanced cases often contribute to chronic back pain, compressed lungs and other serious complications. The chiropractor is trained to correct subluxations, which is the chiropractic term for misalignments of an individuals spine. There are confirmed reports of manual adjustments being used to decrease the degree of a curvature in the spine with a successful outcome.

Chiropractic care helps relieve back and leg pain quickly and effectively. Get more info about a reliable Stockbridge Georgia chiropractor at right now.

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