The Paulk Clinic In Stockbridge GA, Helps Hundreds In The Local Community

The Paulk Clinic provides the latest methods of patient care with a holistic approach. The healing procedures don’t rely on surgery or drugs.

PRESS RELEASE: Stockbridge GA, 26-DECEMBER-2015 – The Paulk Clinic and Dr. Phillip Paulk DC are pleased to announce that patients from the local community number in the hundreds. The caring professional service provided by the Stockbridge Georgia chiropractor is designed to alleviate pain, as well as to help patients look at health and wellness in a different way. Approaching health by looking at the body as a whole, rather than as a collection of parts has been the chiropractic method which has remarkable results.

The methods used by Dr. Paulk are the latest available in the field. They are always natural and designed to use a holistic approach to healing. No drugs are involved. The understanding of using drugs shows that they become less and less effective as time goes on. The drugs may cause long-lasting damage to internal organs if taken over an extended period.

Instead of drugs, the chiropractic approach is to use methods which encourage the body to heal itself. Techniques designed to improve circulation bring healing nutrients to the site of injury. Better posture is effective in relieving muscle strain and improving the alignment of the vertebral column. Better posture also helps to improve the ability to take in oxygen.

Alleviating pain is only one part of the help that a chiropractor offers. The holistic approach is the way to ensure that the entire body is healed and made more healthy. Mobility is improved and nutritional counseling is provided to improve the body’s ability to rebuild at the cellular level.

Learn more about improved health and wellness by visiting the web pages at today. Members of the press and those who have further questions concerning the contents of this press release are invited to contact Dr. Paulk at the location given below.

Contact Person Name: Dr. Phillip Paulk, DC

Company Name: The Paulk Clinic

Address: 9905 N Davidson Parkway 107, Stockbridge, GA

Contact Telephone Number: (770) 474-1421



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