Stockbridge GA Chiropractors Offer Decompression Therapy

A chiropractor does a lot more than just make adjustments to your back. They work on the neck, and can help with headaches, joints and other body ailments. The key to their work is that it is noninvasive, so you do not have to go under the knife or use needles to achieve relief. This is especially true of decompression therapy, which a reputable Stockbridge Georgia chiropractor can help you with.

Decompression therapy is a way of taking the pressure off of vertebrae or discs in the back to relieve pain without having to undergo surgery. The doctor uses a motorized traction device to gently stretch your spine a little at a time. The sessions may take several weeks or months, with each visit lasting from 30 minutes to an hour.

If done on a regular schedule, the result of decompressing is that bulging discs and herniated discs will retract. This helps to relieve and in some cases eliminate the pain that is usually felt in that area. Healing of the damaged discs can then begin, so that the pain does not recur later.

This type of therapy can also help with a lot of other ailments besides just spinal injuries. Back pain in particular can be improved, since the neck is simply an extension of the spine. Sciatica is a chronic condition that may also see improvement, as well as joints and spinal nerve damage.

If you have another health condition in addition to the bad back or neck, you may not be able to get this type of therapy. For example, women who are pregnant shouldn’t get it because the stretching could put stress on the baby. If any bones are fractured, broken or otherwise compromised, you may not be able to take part.

There is also spinal decompression surgery available, though a surgeon will do it rather than a chiropractor. However, if you want a noninvasive way to accomplish the same thing, you should make an appointment with your local chiropractor.

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