The Paulk Clinic in Stockbridge GA Offers Patients Relief from Personal Injury Pain

The Paulk Clinic offers several therapeutic modalities to help patients recover
from personal injuries. These approaches have proven effective even when
traditional medical interventions have been unsuccessful.

Stockbridge, GA – August 25, 2017 – Dr. Phillip Paulk and his staff at The Paulk Clinic want the public to
know that they provide comprehensive services to help patients manage personal injury pain.
Neck, back, and other types of joint and muscle pain are common after a personal injury. Sometimes,
conventional medical solutions don’t go far enough to address these issues and pain persists, despite
efforts to alleviate it with medication. Underlying problems often are not revealed in traditional X-rays
or MRIs.

New patients undergo a thorough evaluation that goes beyond what is traditionally included in a
conventional medical assessment. The goal is to identify the source of the injury rather than merely
manage the symptoms.

A variety of therapies are available once the source of the injury has been located. Traditional spinal
manipulations alleviate pain and restore mobility. Cervical manipulations reduce neck pain and the
headaches frequently associated with it.

Other therapies may be provided in conjunction with adjustments. Electrical muscle stimulation and
cold laser therapy reduce inflammation and pain. Additionally, many patients with personal
injuries benefit from the ATM2 system, which strengthens core muscles, restores range of motion, and
mitigates back, hip, neck and shoulder pain.

For those with job-related injuries, the practitioner may recommend workplace modifications to reduce
the risk of subsequent injury.

Exercises are often recommended to build stamina and augment the benefits of therapy.
Patient education is a critical component of therapy as well. When they’re empowered to take an active
role in reaching their health goals, patients are likely to enjoy better outcomes than they would

To learn more about the personal injury-management services Dr. Paulk offers at the Paulk Clinic, visit Members of the press and other individuals who have questions about
the details of this press release can contact the facility through their site, or using the following

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