The Paulk Clinic in Stockbridge GA Offers Management of Acute and Chronic Pain

Professional and Advanced Care for Recurring Pain Issues

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Stockbridge, GA – May 20, 2017 – The Paulk Clinic offers timely solutions for acute and chronic pain. Unlike sporadic pain, chronic pain is recurring and can seriously impact mobility and balance. It can also serve as an obstacle for daily activities and work, while truly being a hurdle in proper health and normal function. With this in mind, The Paulk Clinic, lead by owner Dr. Phillip Paulk, a premier chiropractor in Stockbridge GA, concentrates and finding and addressing the root causes of acute or chronic pain. This is done via thermal imaging, along with intricate scans and digital imaging. Based on results, The Paulk Clinic staff is able to formulate strategic pain-alleviation plans and care for patients.

Chronic pain can severely restrict normal mobility and functionality for patients. In fact, recurring pain can truly make it difficult to enjoy work and normal activities. This is why the clinic goes above and beyond to determine and address the root causes of chronic or acute pain. The latter can stem from injuries, along with compression on the nerves, muscles or ligaments.

The Paulk Clinic also offers several care plans for patients experiencing chronic or recurring pain. This includes therapeutic massages, which are essential weekly rehab sessions designed to restore mobility and alleviate pain. As always, the clinic will provide traditional pain-relievers, along with hot or cold compress pain remedies as well. For patients tired of dealing with everyday pain and tension, now is the right time to contact the Clinic and get the help and services they deserve.

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