The Paulk Clinic in Stockbridge GA Offers Digital Radiographic Mensuration Analysis (DRMA) To Help Patients with Personal Injury Pain

DRMA Services Designed to Alleviate Personal Injury Pain and Tension


Stockbridge, GA – 20, 2017 – The Paulk Clinic in Stockbridge features Digital Radiographic Mensuration
Analysis (DRMA) services. As a form of radiograph, DRMA is designed to precisely target and address
pain-related issues in patients. In fact, this cutting-edge technology analyzes and assesses any back or
spinal areas in distress. This includes compression, along with nerve damages or even scoliosis-related

Led by Dr. Phillip Paulk, the Clinic is committed to excellence in pain management and remediation
services. With DRMA services, they are able to take concise imaging and scans to determine treatment
options. The latter may include spinal adjustments, as well as weekly therapeutic massages.

Spinal discomfort can range from a myriad of issues. This includes nerve problems, along with impact to
bones and cartilage. Similarly, herniated or bulging disks are synonymous with pain on all levels. With
this in mind, Dr, Paulk and his highly-dedicated team work hard to resolve the pain patients are
experiencing. The Clinic also offers complimentary consultations and flexible appointments for all new
or recurring patients. From personal injuries to slips and falls, Dr. Paulk can truly help alleviate the pain
and restore optimal mobility and normal function.

Radiograph technologies have truly advanced into the digital realm. No longer are these services simply
relegated to traditional x-rays and scans. Today’s technologies utilize the latest in pain analysis software
and hardware. This includes Doppler units as well as digital imaging and even infra-red scanning. In the
chiropractic sector, these technologies not only help doctors manage pain – but they are able to learn a
lot more about specific patient issues and health problems.

For more information on personal injury pain remedies, simply contact or visit the Clinic today.

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