The Paulk Clinic in Stockbridge GA Offers the ATM2(TM) System to Sufferers of Personal Injury

For personal injury sufferers, the Paulk Clinic in Stockbridge, GA Offers ATM2(TM)
to alleviate neck, back, shoulder and hip pain. The system strengthens core
muscles and restores range of motion.

Stockbridge, GA – July 31, 2017 – The Paulk Clinic is pleased to announce that they offer the ATM2
system to provide relief from chronic hip, back, neck, and shoulder pain. This modality helps personal
injury sufferers improve core muscle strength and range of motion.

The ATM2 system works according to the Active Therapeutic Movement (ATM) Concept, which enables
chiropractors to perform muscular therapy (active and passive) to restore full mobility to
musculoskeletal structures that have sustained injuries. Dr. Phillip Paulk first administers a functional
movement assessment to determine which joints or soft tissues have been impacted.

The exercise system mobilizes and stabilizes affected sites until the patient has reaped the maximum
benefits possible from therapy. The ATM2 provides constant monitoring to ensure that muscles and
joints are strengthened without aggravating the injury, making it possible to bear weight without pain.

When the patient reports that pain has been significantly reduced or eliminated altogether,
neuromuscular training is provided. This type of training restores the central nervous system to its
optimal state. When the body is in pain, movement requires considerable effort. Neuromuscular
training allows patients to be more mobile while expending less energy in the process.

The ATM2 is a relatively new approach to stabilizing muscles and joints and alleviating personal injury
pan. However, it has already proven to be highly-effective. Most patients who participate in ATM2
therapy report that their pain is reduced by at least 50 percent, if not completely eliminated,
immediately after a session.

Contact Information:
The Paulk Clinic
9905 N. Davidson Parkway, Suite 107
Stockbridge, GA 30281


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