The Paulk Clinic in Stockbridge GA Is the Local Chiropractor You Care Trust

The Paulk Clinic strives to provide the very best care and to work individually with
each patient.

Stockbridge, GA – June 20, 2017 – For individuals who are looking to improve their range of movement,
restore complete functionality and to correct pain problems throughout their body, The Paulk Clinic
provides local chiropractor services residents can trust. Dr. Phillip Paulk is one in a long line of
chiropractors in his family and has been practicing since 1976. His clinic has been working within the
region for years and has serviced thousands of clients.

The Paulk Clinic understands just how important it is to find a chiropractor you can trust. As it is a very
personal choice to have someone work on their body, having the ability to complete trust your
practitioner is important. Dr. Phillip Paulk and his staff take this very seriously. It is why the clinic does
everything in its power to welcome new clients warmly, explain exactly what is going on and to help
them pinpoint the problem that may be causing their level of pain.

There are many different causes of pain within the skeletal system. While the bones do not feel pain, it
is the bone alignment that can lead to pain. A shift in the spinal column may cause nerve endings to be
pinched. This in turn will send pain signals to the brain, which in turn will result in the mental signals
causing such issues. It also leads to the muscles shifting to compensate for the bones being out of place,
which may require the assistance of a massage therapist to correct this as well. All of this stems from
bone alignment problems. This is why The Paulk Clinic does everything in its power to provide the very
best level of care possible.

Contact Information:
The Paulk Clinic
9905 N. Davidson Parkway, Suite 107
Stockbridge, GA 30281


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