The Paulk Clinic In Stockbridge GA, Helps Alleviate Back Pain After Accident

The Paulk Clinic provides solutions for injuries incurred in accidents. The methods are natural and safe, with no need for invasive techniques.

PRESS RELEASE: Stockbridge GA, 09-JUNE-2016 – The Paulk Clinic and Dr. Phillip Paulk DC are pleased to announce that relief of back pain incurred in an accident can be accomplished using the methods and suggestions offered by chiropractics. The Stockbridge Georgia chiropractor is knowledgeable about identifying the location of the pain and choosing appropriate methods for relief of the pain. Chiropractic methods are free of drugs and do not utilize surgical techniques.

Back injuries can occur in an automobile accident or in a fall. Sometimes injuries to the back occur when playing sports. When a consultation with the doctor is scheduled, his first effort will be to identify the location and scope of any injuries. Assessing the damage is done by physical examination and by digital imaging studies, if appropriate.

Once the doctor is cognizant of the extent of the injury, he designs a therapy plan to address the underlying cause of the pain. Restoring alignment to the spinal column is often the first step. Other techniques which help to alleviate pain from a back injury include heat and cold therapy and electrotherapy. Measures to alleviate pain should be implemented as soon as possible after the accident for best results.

Chiropractic doctors incorporate other methods for back pain. The methods are based on promoting wellness, rather than addressing only the pain symptom. Chiropractors know that drugs only mask the pain; they don’t address the need for recovery. Incorporating lifestyle changes such as nutrition, exercise, reducing harmful stress and paying attention to correct posture show benefits in wellness.

Learn more about back pain relief by visiting the web pages online at today. Members of the press and others who have questions about the contents of this press release are invited to contact Dr. Paulk at the location offered below.

Contact Person Name: Dr. Phillip Paulk, DC

Company Name: The Paulk Clinic

Address: 9905 N Davidson Parkway 107, Stockbridge, GA

Contact Telephone Number: (770) 474-1421



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