The Lingering Pain of a Personal Injury with a Chiropractor in Stockbridge GA

Perhaps you fell at work and hurt your back. Maybe you were cleaning out the garage and lifted something that was too heavy. You took some ibuprofen and thought it would go away in a few days, but it hasn’t. Chronic pain from personal injury may not respond to traditional treatment, and drug therapies can involve addictive pain killers that not everyone is comfortable with taking. The pain can continue even after your body seems to be healed.

Types of Pain

Nociceptive pain follows personal injury to muscles, tendons or ligaments when undamaged nerve cells transmit false pain signals to the spinal cord and brain. This can cause deep, aching pain, such as arthritis, headaches, fibromyalgia and chronic back pain.  Another type is neuropathic pain from nerve function or nerve damage.   This results from spinal cord injuries and can be hard to pinpoint or diagnose.

Chiropractic Adjustments

Chiropractic care can be a safe alternative to drug therapies when it comes to lingering pain from personal injury at home or work. In particular, spinal manipulation can help patients recover and get their lives back. If you have had a recent injury and are still suffering pain after the healing process has completed, chiropractic care can help you. This is especially true if the accident was less than one year ago.

Manual manipulation of the spine gives you temporary relief of chronic spinal pain. Your chiropractor can also help you pinpoint the source of pain in other parts or the body and suggest additional adjustments or exercises. According to Spine magazine, 1.5 percent of workers with back injuries who first came to a chiropractor required surgery, compared to the 42.7 percent of those who first consulted with a surgeon.

Neck pain and certain headaches can be relieved cervical manipulation of the neck. Neck adjustment improves flexibility and motion in the neck. Meanwhile, increasing range of motion and reducing neck spasms relieves tension and reduces pain.

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