How Stockbridge Chiropractor Helps With Decompression Therapy

Back trouble and chronic pain can certainly interfere with someones quality of life. Finding relief that does not use surgical intervention is preferable in most cases. The attraction to chiropractic care is due to its non-invasive nature and posing no risk of addiction to pain medication. A leading Stockbridge Georgia Chiropractor offers one technique called nonsurgical spinal decompression.

There are cases in which this type of care is contraindicated. Most seem obvious such as pregnancy, osteoporosis in an elderly client or the presence of a fracture. Some conditions are internal and not immediately obvious. For that reason a thorough evaluation must be conducted.

The first appointment is spent doing that assessment. When you are judged to be a viable candidate the procedure can begin. Between the vertebrae in the spinal column are small discs filled with a gel-like substance. Each disc serves as a cushion much like a shock-absorber does in a car. When injury or pressure causes one to rupture it can impact a nerve.

Spinal decompression uses traction to relieve pressure on any herniated discs. When the pressure is relieved, nutrients can enter the discs to begin a healing process. You lie either face down or up on a specially-built table that is motorized. Your body is held in place by two harnesses the chiropractor puts on you. One goes around the pelvis and the other around the trunk.

The table is then moved slowly into position. Your chiropractor controls movement via the built-in computer controls. The exact position depends on your specific needs. Your upside-down position is maintained for a half hour to forty minutes in most cases. Many people begin to feel less pain after the first few sessions.

The process has shown success in relieving the pain of sciatica, whiplash injury and degenerative disc disease. There are other spinal conditions have been helped. After an estimated number of appointments using this method you may be able to return to a job and activities you enjoyed prior to the onset of serious pain.

Chiropractic care alleviates spine, thigh, shin and toe pain safely and effectively. Get more info about a reliable Stockbridge Georgia chiropractor at now.

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