How A Stockbridge GA Chiropractic Office Helps Personal Injury Sufferers

When a chiropractor works with a client who has suffered personal injury, the cause of that injury may vary widely. There are accidents such as in the workplace or when an automobile crashes. There are defective products made without regard for the safety of those who purchase them. Someone who has been assaulted might turn to a Stockbridge Georgia chiropractor for help.

An assault victim might have been shaken hard enough to cause a whiplash injury. These are typically the result of a car crash. She may be unable to turn her head from side to side. If her head hit a wall hard enough, she might have a concussion as well.

A high school boy might have collided with another player on the football field. If he was unconscious, even for minutes, he may have a concussion. Coaches are now aware of the danger of allowing him to return to the game, even if he claims to feel fine.

A man working in a manufacturing plant might have lower back pain because he fell on a dangerously slippery floor. A homeowner might have similar pain because he fell when a faulty ladder collapsed while he was painting a ceiling. These are both preventable accidents.

During the initial examination, the chiropractor is already anticipating what can be done to best facilitate rehabilitation. In the case of the stiff neck resulting from being shaken, gentle adjustment of the joints may reposition them to allow for normal movement. Low back pain is also alleviated by applying manual adjustments.

The football player, who suffered a concussion, may be referred to another health care provider. Soft tissue damage can be restored over time through stretching and strength exercises. Massage is used to relax tight muscles that limit range of motion.

In addition to the in-office care that is recommended for each client, an at-home program of exercises may be designed to help each specific injury. These exercises, when done as instructed, will strengthen damaged muscle tissue. Stretching will maintain flexibility between appointments.

Chiropractic care alleviates shoulder, elbow and wrist pain naturally and effectively. Get more info about an experienced Stockbridge Georgia chiropractor at right now.

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