History of The Paulk Clinic & Dr. Phillip Paulk

The Paulk Clinic has evolved and changed over the last 35 years by taking on new staff, learning new techniques and staying on top of changes in the field. We thought it might be fun if we shared the history of the clinic with our readers!
Dr. Vernon Paulk, Dr.Phillip Paulk’s uncle, founded the Paulk Chiropractic Clinic in Stockbridge in 1973. It was a satellite clinic for his main Riverdale office. Dr. Phillip Paulk entered practice with his uncle in January of 1977 after graduation from Sherman College of Chiropractic and has remained in full-time practice in Stockbridge since that time.
Dr. Phillip Paulk is one in a long line of chiropractors in his family. Dr. George Paulk, Sr., a great, great uncle of Phillip was a pioneer in chiropractic in Georgia being granted one of the first chiropractic licenses in the state in the 1930’s. Dr. George, Sr. practiced with distinction in South Georgia until his death. His son, George, Jr. graduated from Palmer College in the early 1940’s but entered the military as a fighter pilot and distinguished himself in the air war over Europe, before returning to full time practice in Atlanta. Dr. George, Jr. became well known in the Atlanta area for treating several governors, many Generals and many of the elite of the Atlanta community. He was nationally known in the chiropractic profession as a speaker, political leader and educator.
Dr. Phillip’s father, Gerald, was born in poverty in Irwin County, GA where he and his family of six shared a small two-room shed building behind a country store. After graduating from High School at the top of his class, Gerald volunteered for service in the U.S. Army at the beginning of WWII. He joined the elite 501st Parachute Infantry Regiment of the 101st Airborne Division {Screaming Eagles} and parachuted into Europe the morning before D-Day in Normandy. He jumped into Holland during Operation Market Garden and later fought in The Battle of the Bulge where the German Army surrounded his regiment at Bastogne during Christmas of 1944. Gerald was wounded during this engagement but recovered to train for a jump into Japan when the war came to an end. Gerald received numerous medals and citations including a Bronze Star for heroism in combat. He is truly an American hero. Vernon, Gerald’s older brother, also served in the military in Army Air Corp during the war, where he was a crew member on American bombers. On returning to civilian life, Gerald suffered from severe migraine headaches. This was no doubt due to the physical trauma he had received as a paratrooper. The medical profession could only offer limited help and he continued to suffer. On the suggestion of his mother he sought help from his 2nd cousin, Dr. George Paulk. With chiropractic, Gerald’s severe headaches disappeared and his life was changed forever.
Gerald and Vernon, with the influence of their cousin George, Jr. decided to follow the family tradition and entered Palmer Chiropractic College together in the late 1940’s. During these college years Gerald’s second son, Phillip, was born. At graduation, Gerald and Vernon decided to take different paths with Vernon establishing a private practice in the west end of Atlanta with Gerald opting to establish a home and practice in the small agricultural community of Barnwell, S.C.
Dr. Phillip Paulk’s early life was greatly influenced by his father and his profession. He was constantly reminded in this small community of the impact that chiropractic could have on people’s lives. He saw many individuals that had suffered for years, many having undergone extensive medical treatment to no avail, get relief through the science of chiropractic. Dr. Phillip Paulk recalls how on many occasions people stopped him on the street to praise the work his father was doing and to relate some story of chiropractic helping a physical problem, ending years of suffering, when nothing else had helped. He experienced the benefits of chiropractic with his family having the opportunity for excellent health without surgery or drugs.
Dr. Phillip Paulk attended the University of South Carolina where he received his pre-professional training in 1968 and matriculated into Sherman College of Chiropractic in Spartanburg, S.C. in 1973. After graduating, Dr. Paulk elected to enter private practice with his uncle Vernon in the Atlanta area. Dr. Vernon had established a part-time practice in the then small community of Stockbridge several years before. Dr.  Phillip eventually purchased the Stockbridge practice and has remained in full-time  practice ever since. 
Dr. Phillip Paulk has constantly worked to improve his clinical expertise and has traveled extensively continuing his education in the science of Chiropractic. On several occasions he has expanded his practice, bringing in young doctors to train with a few establishing their own practices in the area.
Dr. Paulk pictured with Dr. Chase Ethridge, one of the doctors employed under Dr. Paulk himself at The Paulk Clinic.

In 2001, Dr. Paulk was awarded the Research Award by the CB

P (Chiropractic Biophysics, Nonprofit) a Wyoming-based spinal research group. This award is given yearly to the doctor that has contributed the most to the advancement of scientific spinal research. Dr. Paulk was involved in a study that resulted in the publication of several original research projects in major medical peer reviewed journals.

Dr. Paulk has continued his studies and has attained Board Eligibility as a Chiropractic Neurologist. This involved exhaustive, focused post-graduate study over the last three years that allows him to practice Chiropractic Functional Neurology .He has earned certification in Functional Blood Chemistry, Brain and Neurotransmitters, Mastering The Thyroid and is training in ADD/ADHD Spectrum Disorders through APEX ENERGETICS and The University of Bridgeport.
We hope you enjoyed reading the Dr. Paulk’s history and learning how The Paulk Clinic came to be what it is today.  

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