Discover Individualized Home Exercise Programs with the Paulk Clinic in Stockbridge GA

Paulk Clinic, voted one of Stockbridge, Georgia’s best chiropractic offices, would like to improve your health by introducing you to neurologic and metabolic therapies

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Stockbridge, GA – March 20, 2017 –

Are you suffering from bulges, extrusions, disc herniation’s, sciatica, or pain that radiates through your legs or arms? Would you like to follow up Dr. Paulk’s traditional chiropractic services, and in-office cold, heat, massage, water and light therapies with a highlyindividualized home exercise program? It is now possible to become empowered by tailor-made exercise programs that focus on your particular needs at home, with the goal of making you healthier and stronger.

The Paulk Clinic is located at 9905 N. Davidson Parkway, Suite 107, Stockbridge, GA 30281. Their telephone number is 770-474-1421, their e-mail address is and they can be contacted via their web page. They are also accessible via Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and YouTube.

A Stockbridge Georgia chiropractic staff is ready and waiting to tell you all about their home individualized exercise program. You can talk to Dr. Phillip Paulk, who descends from a long line of family chiropractors, and who has been practicing ever since 1976. He’s a Board-Eligible chiropractic neurologist, and is certified in the practice of chiropractic biophysics. You can also talk to Dr. Patrick Kulmacz, a chiropractor who would like to educate and inspire community members to take a very active role in helping to achieve their personal best well-being. Some of his specialties include the Pierce Results Systems, activator, Thompson, toggle, full spine, and Cox flexion distraction.

The Stockbridge Georgia chiropractic staff would like to encourage clients to faithfully perform their prescribed home exercise program, which will give them positive results, and help them with anxiety, pain symptoms, and personal therapeutic goals. Only by keeping up with their individualized comprehensive exercise plan can a patient hope to improve their condition, flexibility, strength, and range of motion.

If you’ve seen multiple orthopedists, physical therapists, neurologists, and pain management professionals, it is now time to try a proven program of chiropractic care and home exercise combination. A free 10-minute phone conversation with a chiropractic doctor is available.

CONTACT INFORMATION: For more information on chiropractic services, please contact or visit:
The Paulk Clinic
9905 N. Davidson Parkway, Suite 107
Stockbridge, GA 30281
Phone: (770)-474-1421


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