Discover the Benefits of Nutritional Counseling with Stockbridge GA Chiropractic Office

Chiropractic embraces a total-body approach to identifying and alleviating root causes of numerous health conditions, such as back and neck pain. Non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical therapies and techniques, such as adjustments, cold laser therapy, electrical muscle stimulation, and traction are utilized to align the spine or promote healing of joints, muscles, and tissues. To maximize the benefits of these therapeutic procedures, patients are educated about lifestyle choices that maintain good health. When appropriate, the Stockbridge Georgia chiropractic facility advises patients regarding a healthy diet.

Specialized training is available to coach patients in healthy eating and supplementation. Eating a balanced diet can help patients manage health conditions such as leaky gut syndrome, hypothyroidism, autoimmune diseases, and other disorders that are impacted by diet. Scientifically-developed nutritional supplements may also be recommended depending on patients’ needs. The chiropractor conducts thorough testing to be sure these products are appropriate.

While in many cases, mood disorders may be caused by nervous system dysfunction, they can also occur because of a nutritional deficiency. A lack of magnesium is often the culprit. Making different food choices or incorporating supplementation can alleviate stress and anxiety.

The Stockbridge Georgia chiropractic clinic also offers Ideal Protein, a scientifically-based, medically-supervised weight loss program. The program has a reputation for not only helping patients lose weight quickly, but keeping the weight off over time. Consuming nutritious food is an important consideration when trying to maintain a healthy weight.

Patients often want to partner with healthcare providers to take an active role in their recovery. Toward that end, practitioners frequently develop exercise programs, tailored to each patient, to complement chiropractic adjustments or therapy. Patients usually progress through various phases of the exercise plan as they gain strength. Nutritional counseling helps patients to optimize recovery outcomes by providing the body with nutrients that promote healing.

Chiropractic, with its all-encompassing approach to healthcare, helps patients reach and maintain their health goals. The Stockbridge Georgia chiropractic center offers nutritional counseling and healthy lifestyle coaching to empower patients to reach their highest levels of wellness potential.

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