Digitized X-Rays DRMA

DRMA stands for Digital Radiographic Mensuration Analysis. Many times this process is referred to as “digitized x-rays.” This is a test that Analyzes the angles and distances between bones in the spine uses a Computer and X-rays, which are a certain type of Radiograph. The purpose of the test is to accurately assess damage to the spine. Mensuration has been used by doctors for nearly 100 years to figure out when a  patient’s spinal bones are misaligned due to injury, aging, or  congenital defects. Mensuration compares a patient’s spine to a normal spine.


Why Use DRMA?

DRMA is important to patients, doctors, and lawyers. For patients, it visually shows them where they are injured. It also helps them understand that common defenses to whiplash injuries are smokescreens invented by insurance companies.

For doctors, DRMA assists with a “differential diagnosis,” which is the process doctors use to rule out other sources of pain. Insurance companies like to blame other sources, such as  “somatoform disorder,” “secondary gain,” and other buzzwords that really mean faking. DRMA objectively disproves faking. Since DRMA identifies the location and extent of permanent injuries, it helps the doctor decide on a treatment plan targeted at the injured area. It is also helpful for tracking changes in a patient’s condition and for deciding when to make referrals to pain management specialists, neurologists, or surgeons.

For lawyers, DRMA provides objective, visual medical evidence of permanent injury. Simply put, DRMA helps patients prove their injuries in court. In order to introduce scientific evidence in court, it must be reliable and scientifically sound. Because DRMA uses decades-old mensuration techniques approved by the American Medical Association, or AMA, it is acceptable for use in court.


The Medical Basis for DRMA

The mensuration method most commonly used today comes from the American Medical Association’s Guidelines for the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment (AMA Guides). It is the gold standard for impairment evaluation.


Sample DRMA Report

Click here to access a sample DRMA report.