Is Your Brain Inflamed?

Are you suffering from symptoms of an INFLAMED BRAIN?

These symptoms include-
·        Brain Fog
·        Unclear Thoughts
·        Low Brain endurance
·        Slow and varied mental speed
·        Loss of brain function after trauma
·        Brain fatigue and poor mental focus after meals
·        Brain fatigue promoted by body inflammation
·        Brain fatigue promoted by chemicals, scents and pollutants
·        Constipation
·        Skin problems
·        IBS
·        Food intolerances
·        Stomach problems
·        Memory loss
·        Vertigo
·        Peripheral neuropathy
·        Unexplained fatique
·        Reliance on anti-depressant medication

Mechanisms That Increase the Likelihood of Brain Inflammation

·      Diabetes and high carbohydrate diet leads to a production of glycosylated end products which activate microbial cells.
·      Lack of oxygen from poor circulation, lack of exercise, chronic stress response, heart failure, lung disorders and edema.
·      Previous head trauma
·      Autoimmune reaction to neurological tissue.
·      Dietary gluten for those who are gluten sensitive.
·      Low brain antioxidant status.
·      Alcohol and drug abuse.
·      Environmental pollutants.
·      Systemic inflammation
·      Inflammatory bowel condition.
·      Compromised blood- brain barrier.

Compounds That Dampen Microglia Neural Inflammation

·        Apigena
·        Luteolin
·        Baicalein
·        Resveratrol
·        Rutin
·        Catechin
·        Curcumin

Stay tuned for more info!

-Dr. Phillip Paulk

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