Chiropractic Care After a Motor Vehicle Accident

Have you or someone you know been involved in a motor vehicle collision? One of the most common injuries from a car crash is the damaging effect of whiplash. Whiplash occurs when a sudden, jarring movement of the head is sustained backward, forward or even to the side. Whiplash destabilizes the spine and causes severe pain as well as these other indicators:

  • Blurred vision
  • Neck pain
  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Shoulder pain
  • Reduced range of motion in the neck
  • Arm pain
  • Neck stiffness
  • Low back pain

It is critical that chiropractic care is sought immediately after an automobile accident since allowing the effects of whiplash to go untreated can induce long-term pain. The seriousness of the physical effects of an accident is not always known or felt immediately following. It can take days, weeks or even months for major symptoms to show up, which is why chiropractic care is essential to maintaining the health of a spine that has been through a trauma.

Any body part that is jarred or thrown forward unexpectedly and beyond normal limits can sustain stretched ligaments and even tears. Those supporting the head and neck are especially vulnerable to this kind of tearing during a collision. Since chiropractors specialize in the care of bones, muscles, nerves and connective tissue, they are crucial to visit after an accident. All those major parts of the body are important to keep in optimal health and correct alignment so they can function properly and all body systems can operate seamlessly.

Early care and treatment means full healing and recovery is quickly realized. Even a car crash that is seemingly minor with limited damage to the car itself can cause serious injury to the driver and passengers. Chiropractic treatments are the right step toward restoring the body. They relieve pain, make necessary adjustments to spine alignment and may include massage or foam roller techniques. Beyond treatment, advice for optimal nutrition, as well as exercises to continue healing on your own after appointments, are just a few examples of the way we care for the whole individual after an accident.


How to Handle Injuries from an Automobile Accident

Why Choose The Paulk Clinic?

The doctors at The Paulk Clinic have experience in documenting all of the injuries that you have suffered from your automobile accident. While chiropractic is extremely efficient and effective in treating your injuries, it may be necessary to see a medical doctor for further treatment and documentation of your injuries. Unfortunately, most medical doctors are not equipped or unwilling to treat automobile accident victims. How do you know which medical doctors are appropriate for your care? Do you know if the medical doctor you are seeing is willing to testify your case or write appropriate reports? Do you know if your medical doctor is willing to wait for payment until your case is settled? Do you know if your medical doctor is even willing to treat an automobile accident victim? Many do not take them, even if you have insurance. Most of them will not. Do you know if your medical doctor is willing to put his neck on the line by saying that your injuries are related to the accident? I know it sounds unbelievable, but it happens. Will your medical doctor handle appropriate Family Medical Leave paperwork to protect your job while you are healing? The doctors at The Paulk Clinic will. We have an extensive network of medical specialist that we work with that will allow you to get the care and documentation you need while not spending a dime out of your pocket until your case is settled. We also network with imaging centers throughout the Atlanta area to get you the highest quality of care possible. You can take a chance with another facility and hope for the best.

Don’t Wait!! Many accident victims will wait for days, weeks or even months, dealing with their symptoms, hoping they will get better before they will seek care. This is a big mistake. Every day that you wait for treatment increases your chances of having residual pain and can really hurt your settlement or your lawsuit. Unfortunately, the insurance company or attorneys for the at fault driver may state that you must not have been hurt badly if you waited for a long time before you got treatment. You need to be seen within 24 hours of the accident. Call my office at 770-474-1421 during normal office hours or you may call me on my cell phone at 678-371-1412. Don’t wait!

But the Other Drivers Insurance Company Said They Will Pay All My Bills! Don’t believe it! This is the biggest lie that they can tell you. In Georgia, The Other Parties Insurance Company Will Not Pay Bills As You Go. The same person that told you today that they would pay the bills will contest the bills at the time of settlement or at trial. The injured party must take care of their bills as they go, unless your doctor is willing to accept a lien and get paid at time of settlement. Our doctors gladly accept liens so you do not have to worry about payment and you can concentrate on getting well. We communicate with your attorney on a consistent basis to keep him informed of your progress and your needs.

Well, Should I Get an Attorney? Unfortunately, your insurance company or the other driver’s insurance company may not be working in your best interest. Having been in practice for close to 40 years, I have seen the insurance company taking an extreme adversarial position in dealing with injured victims. Therefore, I do recommend retaining a competent attorney to represent you. My main suggestion is, if you decide to get an Attorney, make sure that Attorney specializes in personal injury. It is a unique part of the law and takes experience and training to handle your case. I do not suggest getting that family friend, the attorney that closed your house or wrote your will. They may not have the experience in personal injury to maximize your benefit. We can suggest a competent Attorney to meet your needs. I have a relationship with numerous, top shelf personal injury attorneys all over the Atlanta area that I trust to represent you competently.

Should I Talked to the Other Drivers Insurance Company? They are not your friends. There are not here to help you. Their job is to pay as little as they can, and they will use whatever means they can to reduce your settlement. This is why I encourage all accident victims to talk to an Attorney as soon as they can following the accident, to protect your rights.

What If I Need to See Another Specialist, Have MRIs or CAT Scans or Need Surgery? When you are in an accident and don’t have other insurance coverage such as Med-Pay, we will accept a lien from you and your attorney, if we approve of your attorney, and will wait on the payment at time of settlement. We have a relatively large group of medical specialist such as orthopedist, neurosurgeons, neurologists, pain management specialists, ophthalmologists, dentists, psychologist, radiologist and MRI centers located throughout the Atlanta area that are willing to accept liens or do financing through our sources. If you will allow me, I will be in charge of coordinating your care through this rather confusing process to get you the care you need, to get you better and document the seriousness of your injuries.

What should I do next?

  • Call for an appointment. Office 770-474-1421 or Cell 678-371-1412
  • We will fax or email you our required office forms to expedite her first day’s visit.
  • If you have had x-rays or MRIs performed, please bring them to your first visit.
  • Provide names and numbers of any doctors you have seen since the accident.
  • Bring the police report if you have it.
  • Call your insurance carrier to see if you have Med-Pay.
  • If you have a claim number, bring it in any other contact information you may have.
  • Budget 1 hour to 1-1/2 hours for your initial evaluation.

If you cannot secure all of the above listed information, please don’t delay your first appointment. It is more important to start the documentation process even if it means delaying getting your other information.

You will find office hours listed on this website.

Our practice is proud to offer the following auto accident services for all of our patients: