Quack Doctors

I ran across an article that was published online at Living Whole website.  The author investigates accepted truths that have been debunked by fact.


Please understand, I am not anti-modern medicine.  Medicine was accomplished great things in the acute care, surgical procedures, prosthetics, and even organ transplants that help us pick up the pieces from our poor lifestyle choices.  Modern antibiotic therapy has saved countless lives in acute infections that in the past, usually resulted in death.  But when it comes to nutrition, lifestyle assessment, and prevention, modern medicine is an epic fail.  Consider this, we do not have a cure for a single chronic disease or even acknowledge the cause.


We are told however, that we should not question our doctors or the mainstream scientific community’s stance on vaccines, fluoride, mercury fillings, medications, diet, treatment or any other generally accepted viewpoint or any other generally.  If you do question your Dr. or go to a doctor that recommend something other than “Pill”, you must be crazy.  These guys are practicing pseudo-science—“a collection of beliefs or practices mistakenly regarded as scientific method’.

The scientific method is no substitute for common sense.  Here are a few areas where “Real science “is lagging behind.


Fat Is Bad

“You should eat butter.  Scientist labeled fat the enemy and they were wrong.”  Recent research supports the fact that we should be eating good fats you may recall a front page article in time magazine entitled-Eat Butter-scientist labeled fat the enemy.  Why they were wrong.

I wonder what else the scientist got wrong?



Fluoride builds strong teeth.  Our children should eat it, drink it, brush it on and bathe in it.  There are numerous articles stating that anyone that opposes fluoride and states that fluoride is dangerous and has to be a “QUACK”. But wait. LANCET- the prestigious British medical journal- classified fluoride as a NEUROTOXIN.  WOW!!  Neurotoxin is described as a substance that is capable of causing damage to nerves or nerve tissue such as arsenic, lead or even snake venom.  Maybe if people had gotten on the fluoride bandwagon sooner we might have less cancer, thyroid conditions, developmental disorders and fluorosis (White Splotches) on our teeth


Wheat Bread

If you want to be healthier switch out the white bread for wheat bread.  Oh wait!!!   Wheat Bread isn’t healthy for you either.



For years we have been told that we need to run from germs like you’re running from a tiger.  Hand sanitizers, paper towel dispensers that you don’t have to touch and sterile environments— this is what gives you a healthy body-Right? –  But recent research says-“Dirty Baby, Healthy Baby-

Early Filth May Reduce Allergies.”



Functional medicine doctors have been recommending probiotics to their patients for years.  They understand approximately 70% of the immune system is housed in the intestine and the proper function is dependent upon good gut bacteria.  Just he and yet the cough is in the dates and a few years ago if you had asked your gastroenterologist about probiotics he may have said “a pro-by-what?”

Today you can get a prescription for a probiotic and there is great money to be made by pharmaceutical companies on this supposed quackery that finally got proven.  Have you ever seen the “ACTIVIA” commercial?

A researcher at the University of Chicago Medical Center stated probiotics can improve intestinal function and maintain the integrity of the lining of the intestines, fight bacteria and help maintain a strong immune system.


Vitamin D

Mainstream medicine said for years that vitamins do not improve or prevent any health conditions.  They stated further that foods which you consume daily have very little impact on her overall health. Oh, except for vitamin D since we finally “proved it.”  But until we get around to acknowledging the benefits of other vitamins, continue to eat your junk diet and continued to take a vitamin D supplement.  If you had gone to a functional to i.e; Quack Doctor, you would have been taking a vitamin D supplement long before vitamin D became popular.



If you have been seeing a natural health practitioner you would know that cholesterol is not the enemy people have made it out to be.  Cholesterol is needed to make hormones and protect nerves.  Having cholesterol to low can be worse than having cholesterol to high.  It is inflammation that really causes heart disease and sugar causes inflammation not eggs, good fats or good sources of protein.  And so a decade later modern medicine catches up and realizes they’ve been doing it all wrong. Oh my-we put everyone on statin drugs and now they ache and can’t get their game on the bedroom.


If You’re Not Convinced-Consider This

The third leading cause of death in our country is our own health care system.

We are the second set this country and world.

We are ranked sixth for the highest cancer rate in both sexes.

 We have the second highest cancer rate among women.

It is estimated that by the year 2025 165 million Americans, and about 49% of our population, will have a chronic disease.


What about QUACK medicine?

The number of deaths due to quack medicine?  About Zero.

The risk of eating something green?  There are none.

But what if I don’t improve?  It can get worse.

But  alternative medicine is weird?  And injecting ourselves with hazardous substances and genetic material and cells of aborted fetuses and dead animals isn’t?

But food can’t cure cancer.  But something that causes cancer can?

But what if you overdose on vitamin C?  Well, you might get diarrhea.  Overdose on a drugs?  You might die.

Herbs are not FDA approved.  Thank goodness.


Modern medicine claims their father is Hippocrates, but Hippocrates did not shoot people up with drugs.  He practiced alternative medicine; you know, that whole “Do no harm, eat good food’ thing.

The scientific method is no substitute for common sense.  Go get yourself a quack doctor.


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