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Personal Injury And Rehabilitation with a Chiropractor in Stockbridge GA

If you have been in an accident or have suffered an injury in another manner, chances are good that you have only one thing on your mind: getting better and going back to your normal routine.  Unfortunately, when most people think of recovery and rehabilitation, they think only of the end result, hardly ever the process that it takes.  This is unfortunate since these are two entirely different matters that take different methods. In many cases, recovering from a personal injury is the easy part.  Continue reading →

The Paulk Clinic in Stockbridge GA Offers Digital Radiographic Mensuration Analysis (DRMA) To Help Patients with Personal Injury Pain

DRMA Services Designed to Alleviate Personal Injury Pain and Tension FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Stockbridge, GA – 20, 2017 – The Paulk Clinic in Stockbridge features Digital Radiographic Mensuration Analysis (DRMA) services. As a form of radiograph, DRMA is designed to precisely target and address pain-related issues in patients. In fact, this cutting-edge technology analyzes and assesses any back or spinal areas in distress. This includes compression, along with nerve damages or even scoliosis-related issues. Led by Dr. Phillip Paulk, the Clinic is committed to excellence Continue reading →

Assessing Your Auto Accident Pain with a Chiropractor in Stockbridge, GA

The pain from an auto accident injury can be relentless. In fact, you may find it hard to enjoy your former favorite activities such as going for a jog or playing with your kids. Work may also be more difficult now that you are dealing with chronic pain. While it does take time to find relief from auto accident pain, you can ease the process by working with a chiropractor that can perform an assessment to help you understand your injuries. During a chiropractic assessment, Continue reading →